Work Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer at Enosis Solutions (October 2020 - Present)
    Software Engineer at Enosis Solutions (October 2018 - September 2020)

    Worked on a multi-tenant enterprise web applications

    • Understood the implementation and worked on it using a variety of tools and languages, including AngularJS, C#, ASP.NET Core, SQL, F# and Azure Functions
    • Analysed, designed and implemented an epic using micro-service and event-driven architectures
    • Reduced the query execution time by 94% by optimizing underlying query
    • Improved API response time by 50% by restructuring implementation
    • Extended in-house reporting framework that uses C# functional programming pattern in backend and AngularJs in frontend
  • Software Engineer at Frenclub Mobile Sdn Bhd (January 2018 - September 2018)

    Worked on a social messaging android application [Android, Java]

    • Understood the existing implementation and convention of the Java-based android application
    • Took ownership of one of the apps and ensured weekly release of that
    • Researched on native ads and implemented it on the product
  • Intern at Solution Art Ltd. (December 2016 - January 2017)

    Worked on eDocument management system:

    • Analyzed software requirement and prepared initial specification document
    • Designed UI of a particular Module


  • B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering at Military Institue of Science and Technology (January 2014 - January 2018)

    Campus Activities-

    • Participated in several national and international programming contests
    • Solved 500+ programming problems in several online judge sites (using C/C++ language)
    • Participated in ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional Site (2015 and 2016)
    • Secured 27th position in ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional Contest 2016
    • Received best student in research award for undergraduate research titled “Towards developing an intelligent system to suggest optimal path based on historic and real-time traffic data” from faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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  • Adnan Sharif, Mehedi Hasan Muaz, Anusha Kabir, Khandaker Annatoma Islam, Tasmiah Tamzid Anannya, Md. Mahboob Karim, Mahmuda Khatun and Muhammad Nazrul Islam, “A Proposed System for Automated Electricity Bill Monitoring in Context of Bangladesh”, International Conference on Computer, Communication, Chemical, Materials and Electronic Engineering (IC4ME2), February 2018. Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  • Ashratuz Zavin Asha, Adnan Sharif, Anika Ibnat, Wali Mohammad Abdullah and Muhammad Nazrul Islam, “Towards developing an intelligent system to suggest optimal path based on historic and real-time traffic data“, The 20th International Conference of Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), December 2017. Dhaka, Bangladesh